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I am a full-time artist living and working in the Shoalhaven Region. Since I could hold a pencil art has been my passion. 


Art enables me to delve deep into my innermost self. With every stroke, I unveil another layer of raw emotions and truth. Witnessing the transformative ripples of my creations, I navigate life with intention and authenticity.  Art is my liberation, exploration, expression and release.

I paint in an abstract/expressionist style.

Heavily influenced by my experiences with synaesthesia, my work is full of vibrant colour, texture and movement. These experiences are a dance between colour and emotion.  I tend to feel things deeply and delve into the highs and lows, touching on my experiences with mental health, the beauty in life, patterns, relationships and lessons we can learn from nature. The everyday explorations of all that is around me spur me on into making.


You can purchase my work through the shop. I love connecting with people through creativity so come on over to my instagram and keep up to date with what these hands are making.


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