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This group of work stems from conscious moments of stillness and solitude, with the intention of observing my relationship with my femininity. Tapping into my 'red thread', unravelling the tapestry of stories, patterns, qualities and wounds that tie right through my matriarchal line. Through the making of this work, I found moments of catharsis and understanding, while cultivating appreciation for the woman I am, the women surrounding me and my connection with all women. As I worked, I meditated on our relationship with the rhythms of life and the beauty and strength that we share as women. 
The results are a diverse group of artworks that celebrate the complexity and power of the feminine. There is a strong use of the colour red in this series as a symbol of the strength and passion we possess. The red threads and wool represent the female bloodline and the cords that binds us all together. This also reflects the tradition of embroidery from my Croatian heritage. Through the layering of materials, I explore the concept of time and generations. All up, this is an intimate look at my visual journal that documents my personal journey and expressions of the joy and honour of being a woman. Take a look at my Instagram to get a sneak peek at the behind the scenes and some of the pieces that will be part of the show.
Group art project

In line with this exhibition, I reached out to other women to gain their perspectives on this subject. Acknowledging that each ones experience is unique and realising the desire of so many wanting to share their stories, I decided to ask these women to participate in a group piece where they could express themselves. Each one has painted a piece that will be hung in a group, all containing a piece of red thread to join them together in this theme.

Show Details

All works will be showing from the 1st to the 12th of June at N.A.S.A Gallery, Port Kembla, NSW. The opening night is Saturday the 1st of June at 4pm. I would love to see you there. 

Works will be available for sale and part of the profits will be donated to Full Stop Australia, one of the country's leading not-for-profit organisations with a focus on sexual, domestic and family violence response and recovery services. 


I have been thoughtfully piecing together a workshop to go along with this exhibition. 

Creative Journaling Workshop-

This workshop is designed for you to connect with your creative self through visual art journaling. This is a peek into my artistic process. I use art as a form of therapy, self-care and mindfulness. The process encourages freedom of expression and wellbeing. I will guide you through all that this encompasses in a 1 1/2 hr session. I have felt the benefits of exploring creatively and I would love to share this with you too. This workshop will be taking place on Saturday the 8th of June, 3 pm at N.A.S.A Gallery. This is a workshop suitable for all, no previous art practice is necessary. Ages 16+. Would be so happy to see you there.

 Amy x

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